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Internet Gov Weekly Brief (W18Y19)

Internet Gov Weekly Brief (W18Y19)

Internet Gov Weekly Brief : Putin signs ‘Runet law’ on national DNS; “EU proposal for WTO disciplines and commitments relating to electronic commerce”; Trump, Democrats agree to spend $2 trillion on U.S. infrastructure; UN SG : cyberspace to become “hothouses of hate”; Internet shutdown in Benin; Norsk Hydro cyberattacks loss estimated USD $46-52 million; Czech Republic to introduce 7% digital tax for Internet Giants..


«Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill into law on Wednesday that will tighten government control over the internet. The new law requires that internet service providers in Russia unplug from foreign servers. It also calls for the creation of a national domain system that would allow the country to stay online if it was ever cut off from the global internet. The law will go into effect on November 1st, the Financial Times reports…”


« The EU has today made public its text proposal on future rules and obligations on e-commerce as part of WTO negotiations on e-commerce endorsed by Ministers in the margins of the Davos World Economic Forum in January 2019. The release of the text proposal is part of the EU’s commitment to transparency and inclusiveness in the development of its trade policy…”

« The Czech government is introducing a seven per cent digital tax on large internet companies, such as Facebook and Google. According to the ministry of finance, the tax could add an additional five billion crowns (200 million euros) a year to the state budget…”


« The world is seeing a “groundswell of intolerance” and hate-based violence against people of various faiths, and this “venom” is directed at anyone considered “the other”, the UN chief has said, warning that parts of the internet were becoming “hothouses of hate”…”


“Broadband is expected to be part of the $2 trillion spending plan on infrastructure that President Donald Trump agreed to in a meeting with Democratic leaders…”


« When they awoke on April 28, ready to cast their ballots in Benin’s parliamentary election, voters could not rely on WhatsApp or Facebook to communicate with one another, or to seek information about where to vote…”


« Norwegian aluminium manufacturer Norsk Hydro has provided an updated loss estimate of NOK 400-450 million (USD $46-52 million) for the cyber attack in March that caused major disruption to its operations…”


« The U.K. government is proposing new legislation aimed at improving security of Internet of Things devices…”

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