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Internet Gov Weekly Brief (S40A20): EU launch Cyber Crisis Network |Armenia – Azerbaijan Cyberwar |Nigeria – South Africa on cryptocurrency|Call for digital trust & Security |UAE – Israel sharing cyberthreats |Germany on Huawei Trust test|Court stops Tik Tok ban | ICRC calls for safe cyber operations |Europ Com adopted initiatives on e-learning…

Internet Gov Weekly Brief (S40A20): EU launch Cyber Crisis Network |Armenia – Azerbaijan Cyberwar |Nigeria – South Africa on cryptocurrency|Call for digital trust & Security |UAE – Israel sharing cyberthreats |Germany on Huawei Trust test|Court stops Tik Tok ban | ICRC calls for safe cyber operations |Europ Com adopted initiatives on e-learning…


Armenian hackers reportedly  hacked into the base of the Navy of Azerbaijan affecting 10 thousand military documents.

The United Arab Emirates and Israel has joined force to share threats to their national online networks.

The German Federal govt want to run a trust test on the Chinese service provider Huawei Technology before it sets up it’s 5G network in Germany.

The FBI and CISA warned that foreign groups and other malicious actors online are spreading disinformation around potential cyberattacks on U.S. election infrastructure. 

The US District Court for the District of Columbia granted a nationwide preliminary injunction stopping the US ban on TikTok transactions.

The head of the UK’s Strategic Command, General Sir Patrick stated that Prime Minister Johnson has directed him to ensure that the UK remains a “leading full-spectrum cyber power,” and that includes deploying significant offensive capability.

Hungarian banking and telecommunication services were disrupted by cyber attack reportedly launched from computer servers in Russia, China and Vietnam, telecoms firm Magyar Telekom MTEL.BU said.

The China-linked BlackTech cyber-spies have adopted new malicious tools in recent attacks, and they have started targeting the United States, Symantec security researchers revealed.

A Virginia federal court ordered former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden to hand over more than $5 million that “he allegedly earned from book sales and speaking engagements in which he revealed classified information without permission.”


Google has removed 17 Android apps from its Play Store for being infected with the Joker malware, Zscaler revealed.

In the US, Universal Health Services (UHS) has been obliged to shut down the IT networks at multiple hospitals, after being hit with a cyberattack.

A cybersecurity incident has forced the computer systems of an Ohio medical center offline for multiple days and prompted the clinic to postpone elective procedures for patients.

3 Phoenix hospitals are recovering from cyber-attack after Universal Health Services confirmed its system is offline because of an “IT security incident.”

South Africa, Hackers has attacked the justice department fund. However the Department did not receive any ransom demands.

A joint operation between Estonia, Lithuania and Romania, supported by Europol and Eurojust, has  dismantled an organised crime group involved in fraud, phishing and money laundering.

French shipping giant CMA CGM SA disclosed it was dealing with a cyberattack on two of its subsidiaries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Argentina’s national migration managed to contain a cyber-attack last month that forced the country to briefly shut down its borders.

A hacker group previously associated with the North Korean regime has been spotted launching spear-phishing attacks to compromise officials part of the United Nations Security Council.


Access Now and the American Civil Liberties Union sent joint letter to European Commission suggesting reforms in future EU-US data transfer arrangement.

In the U.S, Department of Commerce Deputy Assistant Secretary issued a statement and a white paper to assist organisations following the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union in Data Protection Commissioner v. Facebook Ireland Limited, Maximillian Schrems (Case C-311/18) (‘the Schrems II Case’).

New York Attorney General announced a multistate settlement with health insurance company Anthem, Inc. that resolves a massive 2014 data breach that compromised the personal information of 78.8 million customers nationwide.

The California Governor approved Assembly Bill 1281 which extends until 1 January 2022 the exemptions for employee information and business-to-business transactions under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. Also, Governor has vetoed Senate Bill 980 which would create the Genetic Information Privacy Act.

In Europe, the European Data Protection Supervisor published its 82nd newsletter, including its informal consultation on the notion of ‘large scale’ under Article 39(3)(b) of Regulation 2018/1725 on the Protection of Natural Persons with regard to the Processing of Personal Data.

European Medicines Agency has published its draft Guideline on registry-based studies for a three-month public consultation. The new draft guidance aims to optimise the use of registry-based studies as a source of real-world evidence.

The Spanish data protection authority issued a resolution in proceedings PS/00024/2020, fining Xfera Moviles S.A. (Masmovil) €60,000 for violating Article 6(1) of the GDPR.

The French data protection authority has adopted its amended guidelines on cookies and its final recommendations on cookies as well as publishing frequently asked questions. Also, CNIL has signed a partnership agreement with the Order of Chartered Accountants aiming at helping very small enterprises and small-and-medium sized enterprises comply with the GDPR.

Lithuania, the State Data Protection Inspectorate  published its annual report for 2019, which includes information from both institutions supervising data protection.

In Brazil, The Court of Justice of São Paulo issued its decision in Case No. 1080233-94.2019.8.26.0100, ruling that Cyrela Brazil Realty S/A Empreendimentos e Participações had to pay a fine of BRR 10,000 (approx. €1,500) for sharing customer data unlawfully.

The Chamber of Deputies of Brazil announced that Deputy Luiz Philippe de Orleans e Bragança had introduced Bill 4723/2020 which seeks to impose data localisation requirements within Brazil.

The Colombian data protection authority issued a resolution against Uber Technologies, Inc, Uber Colombia SAS, and Uber BV. Also it has fined Sodimac Colombia SA COP 200,004,519 (approx. €44,190).

In India, Up to 2 million people has been affected by data breach at the Indian e-learning platform.

Australia; Scouts Victoria issued a notification to approximately 900 individuals throughout late September regarding unauthorised activity targeting our email system.

Singapore’s data privacy watchdog is investigating customer data breach at homegrown e-commerce cashback platform ShopBack, after the firm made public an incident involving unauthorised access to customers’ personal data.


States, organisations have addressed an open to His Excellency Volkan Bozkir, the new President of the United Nations General Assembly, urging him to make digital trust and security a priority for his presidency.

In the US, House on unanimously approved legislation that would send cybersecurity resources to state and local governments, which have been increasingly targeted by hackers during the past two years. Also, House passed four bills aimed at securing the power grid and other energy infrastructure against cyberattacks.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) have released a joint Ransomware Guide that details practices that organizations should continuously engage in to help manage the risk posed by ransomware and other cyber threats.

The Department of Energy has awarded the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association a $6 million grant to expand ongoing research and development into electric co-op cybersecurity tools.

ICRC calls on States to affirm civilians and civilian infrastructure must be protected against cyber operations

EU member states, with the support of ENISA, launched the Cyber Crisis Liaison Organization Network (CyCLONe) aimed at facilitating cooperation in case of disruptive cyber incidents.

NATO Deputy Secretary General, has emphasised the need to continue adapting to new threats arising from advances in technology, such as cyber threats.

The European Parliamentary Research Service has issued an informative paper on EU cyber sanctions.

The Reserve Bank of India released its technology vision for cybersecurity for urban cooperative banks 2020-2023.

The Norwegian National Security Agency is concerned about dependency on foreign cloud services.


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission launched a public consultation on the proposed amendments to the Consumer Data Right rules.

Canada, CRTC announced that it has reached an agreement with Notesolution Inc. to resolve alleged violations of Canada’s Anti-spam Legislation.

The Canadian Marketing Association responded to sweeping proposals to reform Quebec’s private sector privacy law, urging greater alignment with other jurisdictions.

India, Telecom Regulatory Authority issued Telecom Consumers Protection (Eleventh Amendment) Regulations 2020

US, The Federal Communications Commission adopted of new rules to promote the implementation of the STIR/SHAKEN caller ID authentication framework to protect consumers against malicious caller ID spoofing.


Ethiopia is preparing to launch its second remote-sensing satellite into space as the country seeks to advance its space science development.

Ghana has signed an agreement with China’s Exim Bank for the construction of 2,000 new telecom sites in rural areas.

The Congolese telecom regulator (ARPCE) has given operators until December 2020 to improve the quality of their services across the country.


Canada, Police have arrested 26 suspects across Alberta and charged them with 63 offences related to online child sexual exploitation 

The European commission has opened a public consultation on “Regulation enabling temporary continuation of specific child protection measures by certain communications services”

A federal court dismissed a New Mexico lawsuit alleging that Alphabet Inc.’s Google knowingly spied on students and their families through its suite of cloud-based products for schools.


the European Parliamentary Research Service had issued a study on the civil liability regime for artificial intelligence.

Detroit council has approved contract to continue use of facial recognition software.


The European digital advertising industry has warned against regulation in the Digital Services Act that would needlessly damage thousands of businesses, including European media that primarily depend on advertising revenue.

The Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection has approved its draft report on the Digital Services Act .

The European Commission is conducting an in-depth investigation of the Google/Fitbit deal


In Algeria, the education ministry instructed mobile operators Djezzy, Mobilis, and Ooredoo to restrict Internet access across the national territory during the baccalaureate exams which took place last September 13-17. The objective was to avoid cheating among students according to government.

Armenia Internet Governance Council has condemned Internet shutdowns in Azerbaijan

Sir Tim Berners-Lee has urged UN General Assembly to lead global push to connect the world.


South Africa, the Provincial Commissioner of North West has urged members of the community to exercise caution when sharing unconfirmed crime-related information on social media platforms.

Facebook has banned ads on its website and Instagram photo and video sharing service that claim widespread voting fraud, suggest U.S. election results would be invalid, or which attack any method of voting.


Morocco has gained World Bank funds for its digital transformation program aiming to provide fixed or mobile broadband access to the entire population by 2022


ESA has released its first Solar Orbiter data to the scientific community and the wider public.


U.S. Department of State issued guidance on Implementing the “UN Guiding Principles” for Transactions Linked to Foreign Government End-Users for Products or Services with Surveillance Capabilities


Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation has launched the findings of its cyber terrorism research project titled ‘Insurance risk assessment of cyber terrorism in Australia’


Nigeria and South Africa are stepping up plans for cryptocurrency regulation amid rapid local adoption.


The European Commission adopted two initiatives that will strengthen the contribution of education and training to the EU’s recovery from the coronavirus crisis, and help build a green and digital Europe.

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