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Global Threat Intelligence Report
Global Threat Intelligence ReportClick here to downloadCybersecurity

As organizations continue to move toward digital transformation, the challenges they face are evolving. True transformation requires exploring new ways of doing business while reducing cost, increasing efficiency and realizing a greater return on investment. Cautiously navigating these new frontiers, we must remain aware we may also be increasing our risk as networking, data requirements and delivery become more abstract. Our infrastructures are becoming more complex, often relying on external dependencies. As we proceed, some legacy problems will disappear from view, some will remain, and some new challenges will come clearly into view.

November 28, 2019cybersecuritycybersecurity
The cybersecurity impacts on geopolitics
The cybersecurity impacts on geopolitics

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Geopolitics of IG

Cyber is the battlefield that nations, enterprises and citizens need to face in the next years. New paradigms and new threats are growing daily. During the cold war only a limited number of countries had the economic and technology capacity to build “weapons” to impose their role.The United States invented the internet, but the future of cyberspace and its leader is not yet defined. Now 29 countries have units able to provide offensive operations through cyber techniques and 49 have purchased malwares. The global connection and nature of internet, that provide itself instrument to hide who is behind an attack and determine whom to punish, will leave several questions open. This paper tries to provide an overview of these issues leaving some questions open to government and institutions.

May 22, 2019geopolitics-of-igcyber-geopolitics