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Internet Gov Weekly Brief (W48A20): WTO released World Trade Report |UN Agencies statement on Data Privacy | Africa Economic Commission launched ATEX, e-commerce platform | Russia’s Duma passed law on Remote Working | India banned 43 Chinese mobile apps | Data Privacy breaches | UK Cyber force | Gender Violence online | Content regulation.

CYBERGEOPOLITICS UAE views Israel as a strategic cybersecurity partner, says head of national...

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Internet Gov Weekly Brief (W47A20): Cybersecurity initiatives to better protect financial sector | US Senate passed IoT Cybersecurity Act | Digital travel credential endorsed by ICAO/TAG | Digital identity initiatives in Africa | EC call for ePrivacy Directive suspension to protect children online | Facebook, twitter CEOs testified on misinformation | Comments on the draft 2nd Additional Protocol to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime..

CYBERGEOPOLITICS Moscow rejected claims by Microsoft that Russia was behind cyber attacks on...

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Internet Governance Monthly Brief (October 2020): Europe, US on Organisations compliance with Schrems II judgment | Japan on Tokyo Olympics Security| Cyberattacks on health sectors rise | Global Privacy Assembly resolutions | UN DESA released The Compendium of Digital Gov Initiatives | Africa on digital trade | Europe on Artificial Intelligence regulation |Freedom on the Net 2020 report| Platforms face antitrust investigations…

CYBERGEOPOLITICS Japan said it would take  appropriate measure to ensure next year’s Tokyo...

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